The Benefits of Fresh Air at Work

We've all heard the saying "go get some fresh air" while growing up, often from our parents. It was more or less a way of them telling us to go outside and play, while getting some exercise. 

Only recently have scientists started to understand the full extents and benefits of breathing fresh air daily. Unfortunately for a lot of the world's population, this is easier said than done.

In a report published by IQAir, it found that only 10 countries out of the 73 that had sufficient data available were below the World Health Organization recommendation of 10μg/m3, which is the threshold to minimize the risk of health impacts. The recommended level to not have any negative health effects is 0μg/m3.


The 10 best countries for air quality are as follows:

  1. Iceland - 5.0μg/m3
  2. Finland - 6.6μg/m3
  3. Australia - 6.8μg/m3
  4. Estonia - 7.2μg/m3
  5. Sweden - 7.4μg/m3
  6. Norway - 7.6μg/m3
  7. New Zealand - 7.7μg/m3
  8. Canada - 7.9μg/m3
  9. USA - 9.1μg/m3
  10. Ireland - 9.5μg/m3

 The 10 worst countries for air quality are as follows:

  1. Bangladesh - 97.1μg/m3
  2. Pakistan - 74.3μg/m3
  3. India - 72.5μg/m3
  4. Afghanistan - 61.8μg/m3
  5. Bahrain - 59.8μg/m3
  6. Mongolia - 58.5μg/m3
  7. Kuwait - 56.0μg/m3
  8. Nepal - 54.2μg/m3
  9. United Arab Emirates - 49.9μg/m3
  10. Nigeria - 44.8μg/m3


So, what exactly are the benefits of fresh air, and in particular at work?

Well, fresh air can help your digestive system be more effective. We all know the feeling of going out to lunch at work, eating a very heavy meal, then having to come back to your desk with no energy at all. Breathing fresh air can help you feel more awake and energized after these lunches. 

Fresh air has also been shown to make you happier. Happy workers are productive workers. It can also help you focus, giving your mind an additional boost for productivity. 

Fresh air can also strengthen your immune system, clean your lungs, and help with blood pressure and your heart rate. The list really does keep going. 


So, what can we do to improve our air quality at work? 

You could try and get the building manager to clean your air-conditioning system more frequently, but an easier alternative is PLANTS

Unless you're the office manager, you probably won't be allowed to bring in planter boxes and scatter them around the office. But you can always have some plants for your desk. As an added bonus, having plants around you while working has been shown to have a calming effect, so, two birds one stone really. 

This wouldn't be a very good e-commerce blog without listing a few suggestions, now would it? So here are our 8 top picks for adding some nature to your surroundings at work.


1. Vintage Style Desktop Plants


Grow some offshoots right on your desk. The best part about these is that you get to watch the roots slowly grow within the glass bulbs. Every time the roots form a different pattern, almost like a snowflake (except you can actually see the difference). And as an added bonus, when someone at work asks you to do a job for them, you can cheekily say you'd rather watch the grass plants grow. 😂


2. Cute Desk Planter

Cute Desk Planter - desk mess

This one's perfect for succulent lovers, and comes in the following animal themes:

  • Porcupine
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Pig
  • Frog
  • Polar Bear


3. Levitating Plant

levitating plant - desk mess

Now this looks like it's straight out of the future. It might not be the best for productivity (because you'll be looking at it all day long), but it's super cool. This levitating plant will make you the envy of the office, while improving your air quality too. 

Comes in two colors, pine and deep oak.


4. Lazy Animal Desk Planter

lazy animal desk planter - desk mess

Another animal themed desk planter, for the sleepy or just chilled out person. Comes in the following animal styles: 

  • Panda
  • Giraffe
  • Hippo
  • Rooster
  • Polar Bear
  • Zebra


5. Wooden Desk Planter

wooden desk planter - desk mess

This one's similar to number one on the list, but in different styles. There's definitely something mesmerizing about watching the root system develop slowly. Come back to your desk after the weekend and you may be quite surprised. 


6. Owl Desk Plants with Bamboo Stand


Simple, yet elegant. These decorative owls come with a bamboo stand to sit them on. Grow three different plants at once, right from your desk. 


7. Cute Dog Flower Pot

cute dog flower pot - desk mess

These flower pots are for all the dog lovers out there (and there's a lot of them). It comes in 8 different dog breeds, so there's probably one to match your best friend. Always have a friendly reminder of your dog while at work. 


8. Hydroponic Indoor Garden

hydroponic indoor garden - desk mess

Last on the list we have this hydroponic indoor garden. Depending on how much room you have on your desk, it might need to go underneath. Are you a lover of two minute noodles for lunch? Add some fresh chili, basil, chives and parsley to put some more flavor into your lunches. 

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