6 Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

Have a friend that's obsessed with cats? Or maybe you're the one obsessed. Either way, keep reading to see our top 6 cat gifts for cat lovers


1. Geometric Cat Lamp

geometric cat lamp - desk mess

Always have your cat around with this geometric cat lamp. It'll add some ambiance to any room. The light is in the wooden base, and lights up the acrylic insert mounted on top. This lamp will add a beautiful, subtle glow to your bedroom. 


2. Cat Pencil Case

cat pencil case - desk mess

Have to go out for the day and do grown-up stuff, leaving your cat behind? 😒Now you can always have your cat with you while working! 🐈🐱

These cat pencil cases come in 4 different designs and make for the purrfect companion at work 😃

There's a design to suit every cat's personality: cute, mischievous, loving and sneaky. They all look surprisingly realistic too. Maybe a little *too realistic* 🐱


3. Cute Cat Thermos

cute cat thermos - desk mess

Yes, I suppose you could have a stainless steel thermos to take to work like everyone else. But why would you want to, when you can have this cat themed thermos. It comes in black, white, pink and blue.


4. Neon Cat Lamp

neon cat lamp - desk mess

Light up your bedroom with this neon cat lamp. One light, 4 colors to cycle through. I just hope your cat doesn't try and attack it 🤣


5. Cheeky Cat Pencil Case

cheeky cat pencil case - desk mess

If you look closely, you'll see why these are called cheeky cat pencil cases. 4 different colors, 4 different designs, 4 different cats. Choose from cheeky, rude, hungry or lazy. 


6. Vintage Wooden Cat Tape Dispenser

vintage wooden cat tape dispenser - desk mess

This one is probably for your cat loving grandma. Or maybe you love the vintage style? Either way, now you can always have your cat around to do scrap booking, arts and crafts. 

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