6 Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

Have a friend that's obsessed with cats? Or maybe you're the one obsessed. Either way, keep reading to see our top 6 cat gifts for cat lovers.    1. Geometric Cat Lamp Always have your cat around with this geometric cat lamp. It'll add some ambiance to any room. The light is in the wooden base, and lights up the acrylic insert mounted on top. This lamp will add a beautiful, subtle glow to your bedroom.    2. Cat Pencil Case Have to go out for the day and do grown-up stuff, leaving your cat behind? 😒Now you can always...

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7 Science Toys for your Kids

We all know a good education is a fundamental foundation to success in life. We also know that it's important to start from a young age, and to continually support your child's interests and development. Not many kids would be excited over getting a book of times table problems to fill in, but a lot more would get excited for a times tables computer game, where you had to solve the puzzles to level up.  It's important to not only provide educational content, but to have that content delivered in an engaging way.  This list outlines our top 7 favorite science toys...

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